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When Is the Next Workshop?

We hold workshops once per month, generally, with exceptions around the holidays and some summer months.

To see when the next workshop is, please go to and search for Coder Kids, or use this link:


About the Workshop

Kids:  Coder Kids is for kids like you, who want to have fun learning how to make your own games. Plus, you can meet other kids with your same interests and make new friends.

Parents:  Our goal is to familiarize kids of any age with basic computer science fundamentals.  We guide the kids to create their own programs (mostly games, which are more fun) during the workshop using the Scratch language from MIT.  We also have more advanced kids working with Python.

Is this too advanced for my child?  Absolutely not, it's a fantastic opportunity to explore learning about how to program a computer.  There is no cost, so you can see if your child has any interest in coding.

Do I need to know anything about programming?  Definitely not; there is no programming experience required.  About one-third of the kids are new at every workshop.

Who can come?  All are welcome, girls and boys, ages 6-17.  Note that all kids must be accompanied by a parent.

What does it cost?  Zero.  Zilch.  Nada.  Coder Kids is a non-profit, open and volunteer-run group.  There is no charge for attending.

What should I bring?  A laptop, Any operating system with a web browser;

Where can I register for the next workshop?  Go to our page: HTTP://WWW.MEETUP.COM/CODER-KIDS-HARRISBURG

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